Pokemon Trading Card Neo Revelation Booster Box (Replacement Box)


Do you have a great collection of Pokemon cards from the wizards of the coast era and you don’t have the booster box ? Or you have rare original booster boxes that you don’t want to risk damaging but want to display? Plume customs has the answer!

Our replacement hand made boxes are printed on to heavy stock card and are made to match the original dimensions of the original boxes and they have been carefully machine cut to give it that amazing quality.

This listing is for the booster box only there are no booster packs or cards that come with it.

Please checkout our other items for sale.

All boxes state on the bottom of the box that they are a reproduction box to stop people selling these on as legitimate boxes.

(Don’t worry it is really small and doesn’t take anything away from the artwork. Please feel free to send me a message for pics)

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